Creating Recovery – Art Therapy

Art Therapy is the use of art media, images and the creative process (Cathy Malchiodi). It respects patient / client responses to the created products as reflections of development, abilities, personality, interests, concerns and conflicts.

It is a theraputic means of reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, developing social skills, managing behaviour, solving problems, reducing anxiety, aiding reality orientation and increasing self esteem.

Art in therapy externalises thoughts and feelings.

  • Creative Visualisation and Guided Imagery and Mindfulness.
  • Meditation and Affirmation.
  • Journaling – Narrative and or Visual.
  • Collage – Multimedia.

Dream Work – Dreams are the ‘royal road to the unconscious’ (Jung). We honour and explore dreams.

For those who prefer a more tactile experience, we offer a range of art materials to facilitate non-verbal expression, including mixed media, soft fabrics, clay.

Symbols may be used to explore archetype and myth. We offer you the experience of creating 3 dimensional dioramas, from a vast array of miniature figurines, natural elements and totemic icons. Angela specialises in Sandplay therapy.